We have many opportunities throughout ou

We have many opportunities throughout our lives to make a difference. Friends, Families or even the Environment. Well, how about making a difference in Yourself? Manage what you eat and drink throughout your day. Stay away from the sugary foods and beverages. Feel Better!


Limu Limu Limu. I am watching amazing tr

Limu Limu Limu. I am watching amazing transformations as a result of this company. #Dachai.Iamlimu.com @Dachai http://ow.ly/MKLkF

Chantanasombut, Dachai. Stride a Momentis Group

Chantanasombut, Dachai. Stride a Momentis Group:Stride is a group created to spread the Momentis opportunity in the US, Canada and soon to Europe and South America [Internet]. Version 6. Knol. 2011 Dec 12. Available from: http://knol.google.com/k/dachai-chantanasombut/stride-a-momentis-group/5lhoqffwrvxv/1.

The holiday season means many things to

The holiday season means many things to many people. Please give pause and focus on the spirit of the season. December is not a month long break for businesses. We tend to believe this month is a time for rest, vacations and basically breaking the cycles of business.
Whether you are with Stride a Momentis Group or another business collective, do not take this season lightly. Do not stop doing what it takes to ensure your business will prosper in the coming year. Keep up with customer service. Listen to your surroundings, there may be a person in need of your product or service. When you finally take that vacation though, enjoy your time and leave it all behind. (I do!)
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or which ever term you choose to follow….I will be sure to have a Merry Christmas! Cheers!

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There Are Alternatives To Jobs

Businesses like mine afford many opportunities. Least of which is more time for family and friends. Too often, we are sitting at a typical job trying to find ways of getting out. Here is a secret, businesses are trying to find ways of keeping you in. Many jobs offer little incentive, more work for less money, and no other alternatives than to find a second job to make ends meet. As the saying goes, job is an acronym for Just Over Broke. As the economy slides, we NEED better income streams.
What does the U.S. economic slide mean to you? Less time for the things you want more of in life. I know people working 2-4 different jobs because they are very insecure and refuse to work for themselves. In the end, they will work and work and work themselves into a grave, broke. These people are really smart, but their jobs have them “addicted” to the steady paycheck. Here is another secret, once they fire you, the checks stop. What is the solution, find a business model which pays well and builds residual income.
What to avoid. Simply put, avoid anything until you have spoken to the business representative, ask important questions and beware of businesses which promise never having to work. As a business owner, your business is what you make of it. Serious business owners work between 20-60 hours a week. There are great business models out there which help you make time for the important items in life. I have been blessed with a good friend that brought has me into the light. To me, it just made sense to work for myself.  Make sure you have your own reason for being in business for yourself.  Family?  Hours?  Whatever it is, make sure it is your own reason!
To sum up: There are many reasons to go into business for yourself. Working in a typical job will keep you working until well past retirement or working more than one job.  Solutions are out there, but you have to do the research.  Once you have found your business, work towards success AND happiness….there is more to life than money. Be good to your customers and remember to give back. Best wishes and find success in yourself.


Here is that Opportunity:  Right Here

The World Wide Connection

Where would you like to work?  Many people say that the house is a great place to work from since they are able to watch the children.  Others, would rather be out of the house and in a place where distractions are minimal.  Either way, these sites will require something of you, discipline.  When to start, when to take breaks and when to call it quits share the need for a person to stick to a schedule.

How are you to accomplish such a task without someone looking over your shoulder?  Focus.  Do not just focus on the tasks you have to do, that’s really short-term thinking.  Instead, focus on why you are in business.  What are your goals?  What are your long-term goals, 5 years?  These items will make it easier for a person to gauge what is important to them and increase the desire to make their business succeed.

So, now that you have more of an idea of things to motivate your business, write them down.  Without something to reflect upon later, these random thoughts are all but useless.  Have these goals and reasons readily available.  Sometimes reading them in the morning prior to beginning work could make a difference in your drive or push you over a hump if motivation is low.  Pictures are also quite useful since we associate with visuals on a deeper level.

In all, working from home presents a great opportunities to become your own boss.  Having the freedom to set hours, pay and site to work in is a refreshing model to that tiring job one may have worked in for some time.  As the current state of the economy rises and falls, these businesses are keeping money in people’s pockets and affording more resources for people to live off of.  It’s been a pleasure writing this article and I look forward to writing more in the near future.

Ever thought about working for yourself?  Let me and my partners get you started on something new, exciting and real.  Fill out the blocks on the linked page and have an interview shortly after reading this article.  No obligations to join and there are plenty of choices out there to make, just do not be afraid to ask questions.



The Power Of Many

Marketing is a necessity when running a business.  Marketing in itself is a vast business with many people attempting to capture an audience while directing them to a site, product or maybe just an idea.  How everyone perceives the message varies and is never uniform.  What stops many small businesses from using a marketing firm?  Cost.

It is true that some firms would be willing to donate time and resources to help, but is not normally seen.  Some firms may choose to work on a piecemeal basis, but this may hold both entities back. (Old information may be left in the message or a host of other problems may arise.)  So, what would be the alternative?  The Power Of Many.

MANY people carrying your message by word of mouth could have profound effects on your reputation and business(s).  Now, pay attention here…  People pay attention to what you do, how you go about it and finally, your attitude.  Take all three of these components and think about the last time you were at the market.  When you approached a sales point (register), you searched the area for a presentable atmosphere.  At the counter, you were looking at the person scanning your items and hopefully they have acknowledged your business.  Lastly, you were paying attention to the way they handled your merchandise and how efficiently they went about their work.

This is a little long-winded, but hang with me a little longer.  When you have an exceptional person helping you make a transaction, like here in the market, you tend to remember whether you liked them or not.  In remembering these feelings, you are likely to stand in that person’s line or pass them up for another.  This is a simple example, but hits home with many businesses.  When you treat your customers with respect, courtesy and as friends, you could be building a lifelong relationship.

When you have your customer’s loyalty, ask them a simple question:  “Would you mind referring me/my services/etc.?”  In other words, networking to other people.  I know some business owners in the USA that have not spent a dime on marketing, but solely rely on work of mouth referral business.  This is The Power Of Many.  One person tells 3-5 people about your services/products and then the cycle repeats.  One caveat to this, it works both ways!  Give a person horrible service and it could haunt your business for a long time.

So, get out there and market yourself and your business by asking for a referral.  If you have given a positive experience, then you have nothing to worry about.